Time Series Forecasting

Time Series forecasting is a very important area of machine learning, because there are a lot of prediction tasks that involve a time component. Examples are the prediction of a stocks closing price or forecasting a companies sales. After reading this post you will know about the basic concepts of Time Series Forecasting and how... Continue Reading →

Visualizing data with Matplotlib

Data visualization is the process of understanding data better and gaining insights from it by placing it in a visual context. Data visualization has become one of the most sought after skills.  If you understand your data well, you will know what you have to do with it, to build a cutting edge machine learning... Continue Reading →

Dimensionality Reduction with T-SNE

Since we live in a 3-dimensional world, we can understand things in 1 dimension, 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions easily but Datasets can be very complex and hard to understand, especially if you don’t have the right tricks in your proposal. In machine learning, we sometimes need to make assumptions based on hundred or even... Continue Reading →

What an ML Engineer needs to know

Are you interested in Machine Learning ?  Are you asking yourself which are the key skills within this profession ? This blogpost will tell you about the most valuable skills within the field and what you really need to have in your arsenal to call yourself a machine learning engineer. If you are interested in... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Project from A to Z

In this Post I will go through the workflow of a full machine learning project with the california housing dataset as a full Machine Learning project, from A to Z, like it is described in the book "Hands-on Machine Learning with Scikit-learn & Tensorflow" by Aurelien Geron. Table of Contents: Import Libraries California housing Dataset... Continue Reading →

Vectors and Matrixes

Vectors are one of the most crucial concepts within Machine Learning because many bugs are due to having matrix /vector dimensions that don't fit properly. Therefore it is essential for a machine learning engineer to have a good understanding of it. Vectors Let’s say your an engineer at Tesla and you get a dataset of... Continue Reading →


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